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Foolish Thoughts #11: Is this your Learning Culture?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

A recent study* of more than 408 learning professionals and other HR leaders, found the following:

• 42% stated that their biggest challenge to increasing the impact of high stakes training is competing priorities.

• Almost 27% of leaders do not communicated the link between personal development and business goals.

• Almost 65% of leaders say that employees are given too little time to complete learning programs.

So, what is stopping them from changing?

• Almost 60% said resistance to change is the biggest roadblock.

• Slightly over 45% said lack of budget

• 38% said a lack of clarity on what the culture should be

Is this a surprise to any of you? It certainly is not for me and I think that we all know what we need to do to change this, in our own organizations. Remember, you may not be able to make the change in a big way, but you can by doing it in small ways.

(*This data was derived from the 2019 High-Stakes Training survey by Chief Learning Officer. To learn more, go to

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