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An International Organization

  • Establishing Video Conferencing Room Standards for an Government Agency Based in Africa (2020)

  • Complete Revision of Five (5) Records and Information Management Courses (2020)

  • Designed & Developed an eLearning Course (2020)

  • Assisted in establishing the procedures for their Learning Management System for six courses. (2020)

  • Designing & Developing an eLearning Course (2021)

A STEM Non-Profit (2020)

  • Conducted Lesson Plan Workshop

  • Assisted in Identifying Potential Clients

A Local IT Firm

  • Revised their Orientation Presentation, as well as, presentations for their local Chamber of Commerce and a Trade Show. (2021)

A Moving Company

  • Customer Service Workshop (2021)

Local Board of Election (Maryland) via vendor (2022)

  • Conducted training of Election Judges for both Primary & General Election

What others have said about Joseph...

Joseph has always been one of the most honest, hard working, and helpful colleagues.  Well versed in customer service, Joseph always makes his decisions based on what is best for the client. His focus on the ultimate user has made his insight and opinion highly valuable and trustworthy to people who have to implement strategy. He speaks from knowledge, not from opinion. In the past FY, I worked closely with him in the New Staff Orientation program, ITS Training efforts, and other Bank activities. A veteran in his field, collaborative with his peers, delivering maximum response to the users. Anyone with Joseph on their team is bound to achieve strategy and deliver a superior product to their clients.  Anon


I have worked with Joe as one of my reliable and trusted clients in IT learning. He brings a great wealth of experience and knowledge in both IT learning and business analytics. Joe is a consummate professional whose skills and expertise cover, inter alia, the analysis, design, delivery, facilitation, and evaluation of both off-the-shelf and proprietary applications in IT learning. And Joe has excellent interpersonal and people-skills. He is, without doubt, a great and valuable resource to have on the team.  Dr. Kenneth Mwenda, PhD.


Joseph gave us the tools and structure to conduct successful learning sessions this FY.  He sent us a series of learning notes outlining exactly how to put on successful learning sessions, capture attendance in OLC, and was always there to answer any questions we might have. He also introduced us to some outside best practice developmental learning resources to pursue. It has been a pleasure working with him and I am grateful to have benefited from his guidance in conducting many productive learning sessions this year.  Anon


Over the years, Joseph has worked with my team, creating training materials and eLearning courses. Joseph has the ability to quickly determine what the clients require from any learning initiative, and efficiently translate that into effective learning tools, being used by 800+ staff. He has proven to be extremely knowledgeable in the learning area and he understands how to get the required learning results. I would highly recommend Joseph for being a learning professional, a very flexible person as well as a great guy to work with!  Remco Stierman


Joe Barone is one of the most valuable people I have ever worked with when it comes to training, learning, and communication. He is one of those people who will take ownership of a request, rather than redirect you. He has a "can-do" attitude, and the knowledge and connections to make things happen. He positive, friendly, and very easy to work with.  Doug Minami


Joseph has been a great mentor to me in the learning space. His example of how to run a training program was immensely helpful to me. He provided guidance in all aspects of training design and delivery to clients at the World Bank Group. He connected me with industry best practice contacts and resources to improve my craft in the learning space that I had previously been completely unaware of. He always found just the right resource to deliver the learning results clients were looking for.  As great a mentor and learning guru Joseph has been, he is an even better person! I would highly recommend his services.   Jean-Claude Lovious

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