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Joseph S. Barone aka A Fool for Learning is dedicated to partnering with organizations, no matter their size, to maximize their business goals/objectives through appropriate learning solutions, which are strategic, measurable, and effective.   For Joseph, the key is to identify the issue(s) faced by your organization and create appropriate learning solutions, so that you may meet your goals, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Joseph S. Barone aka A Fool for Learning wants to be recognized as a trustworthy, helpful, courteous and loyal partner to our client organizations, ensuring that he has done his best, to allow them to successfully meet their goals and objectives.   

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A number of years ago, in his previous organization, the company founder wanted to create a blog on learning/training, covering the latest developments, tips and tricks, etc.  The target audience would not only be for those active in field, but more importantly, for those who were new or have been assigned to work in learning/training, as one of their many tasks.   


Calling it “Joe’s Training Blog” or “The Learning Blog” was simply boring.  He wanted something that would grab a person’s attention.  After thinking about it for a while, he came up with the name you see today. 


Why?  In literature, the fool sees what most do not see, can hear what most people do not, and tells the truth.  The fool provides insight and honesty, while speaking his mind, even when it is against conventional wisdom.


Joseph’s love of learning/training and sharing that knowledge with others, especially the new practitioner, was a key part of his everyday work.


When you combine these various themes - honesty, insight, speaking your mind, and love of something – it just seemed a natural fit for his blog name, and now company. 

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