Introductory Meeting

Step One

This meeting is to listen to you regarding the issues facing the organization and the possible causes. In addition, we review the process by which we verify the issues and proceed to resolve them. No decisions or recommendations are made at this time, other than a possible agreement to move to the next stage.

Needs Analysis

Step Two

This phase focuses on correctly identifying the problem/issue that your organization is facing, and how that affects your business goals.  Those goals may be strategic or operational.  Nevertheless, this is the key to determining the appropriate learning solution.  Failure to identify the correct problem/issue, will simply lead to the failure of the training/learning program and, of course, a great deal of squandered budget. 

Learning Plan Design

Step Three

Once the problem has been identified, we begin to put together a customized and appropriate learning design/plan for your organization.  For example, it may be something simple as a set of job aids. Or, it may consist of a set of curated learning objects. The plan may even identify the creation of a course, using some of the latest technologies available.  No matter the methodology selected, the plan will be developed based on the resolution of the issue(s) your organization is facing.

Learning Development

Step Four

Upon agreement upon the design/plan, we begin to develop it out, keeping in mind at all times, the organizational goals, individuals and budget.

Learning Pilot/Go-Live

Step Five

Once the learning has been designed, we pilot and refine, as many times as needed, to meet your objectives.

Learning Evaluation/Analysis

Step Six

We evaluate the success of the program. However, this is not done only at the end, but at all stages of the process.