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Foolish Thoughts #8: ATD2019 Thoughts

It was an exhausting few days at the Conference. To be honest, there were a few outstanding sessions, some good ones and some, not so good. In fact, I walked out of one after 15 minutes, after the presenters spent way too much time on themselves and their organizations.

As a new consultant, I attended a couple of sessions on starting out in your own business. Here are some things that I came away:

The first client, of many of those who went into consulting, was their former employer.

  • It may take you a while to discover the one or two particular areas within your profession, which you wish to focus on.

  • You may have a particular area of focus, but it may change after a few years.

  • I need to finalize my business plan.

  • Outsource some of the things that I do, so that you can focus on your business.

  • There are many firms that will help you get yourself going and keep you going, for a price.

  • Volunteer to speak or write a column for a publication to get your name out there.

Thanks to Cornerstone for the button from which is image is taken.

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