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Foolish Thoughts #4: "That was so 1980s!" or "Update Your Presentation!"

Have you ever sat in on a presentation and said to yourself: "That was so 1980s!"  

Okay, I am dating myself a bit, but what I mean is that the graphics are so old, that they distract from the message.

Old graphics are really just a symptom of a bigger question:  How often do you update your courses and presentations? 

I cannot answer that question, as it is specific, to each organization and topic, but when I was responsible for IT learning, I set a very simple target.   Each course had to be updated/reviewed at least once per year.  Of course, if there were any major updates to an application, those changes were immediately made and the materials put into production.

By reviewing materials on a regular basis, you ensure that screen images and icons match the current application version.  Updating acronyms ensures that they match the current business model.  And, if possible, it even gives you the opportunity to streamline some of your materials.

Keeping your materials up to date, means keeping them fresh and usable.  Not 1980s.

I actually used this copyright free image in the late 1980s, for a presentation on Records Management.

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