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Foolish Thoughts #26: Alumni Insider's View

Last week, I had the honor of speaking on “Leadership in Modern Times” to a group of approximately 45 students from St. John’s University (NYC). These students, all selected through an essay and interview process, came down as part of the Alumni Insiders View – Capital Program.

The program was established by Alumni, almost 40 years ago, to give students from the NYC area, the opportunity to learn about the vast number of careers in the DC area. It is a real eye opener for the students, who hear from alumni on how they arrived at their current job and what does it take. For example, they may learn about an attorney, who is the inside counsel for two or three small non-profit associations. On the other hand, they may hear from a learning professional, who has left his organization and decided to strike out on his own.

Each year, I have been impressed with the students, their backgrounds and their questions. This year, I met a “student” who had completed ten years in the US Coast Guard and wanted to get into learning, as a profession. I also met a young lady who owns a software company designing a “dating game.” I met a third student, who questioned me at length about the effectiveness of World Bank projects – a first!

I wish each of these students all of the best!

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