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Foolish Thoughts #20: S.P. Singh High School Update

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

As many of my readers know, I spent a week in Dallipur, Bihar (India) earlier this year at the S.P. Singh High School, teaching English,

At the end of the trip, I agreed to teach “conversational English” to the 9th grade class every other week. The objective is to have the students practice English, which most do not do, other than in class.

As with any of these efforts, there are some “teething pains.”

The first few sessions had technical issues, as we attempted to use different tools, to see which one worked the best. At this point, Skype is the best option.

The second was the “class” format. After a couple of different rounds, we think we have come upon the best option, given the number of students (over 60) and the amount of carrier time (one hour) available. Therefore, we have decided upon groups of up to ten students will have a conversation with me on a per-arranged topic. Each conversation will last about 10 minutes.

I know many will say that ten minutes, every other week is really nothing. However, I have been told that it makes a world of difference knowing that someone is taking the time to speak with them, in a funny and engaging manner.

In addition, we may have another volunteer signing on as an instructor.

Keep your eye on future Foolish Thoughts for an update!

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