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Foolish Thoughts #18: An "Old School" Reminder

On the weekends, I like to visit estate sales. Why? Because sometimes you can pick up a “treasure” or a “useful item" at a very good price. However, they are also a window to our past.

This past weekend, I came across the following object and smiled. No, I did not purchase it.

Do you know what this is?

It is a document sorter and was used (actually, they still sell them) to sort documents before filing. This sped up the filing of documents, as you did not need to open/close as many drawers, or walk all over the file room.

Trust me, if you ever have to file a large number of documents, sorting does speed up the process.

Now why did I bring this up?

Simply because many of us in the training/learning field have a tendency to push/promote the latest technology or fad, to solve our client’s issues. In reality, sometimes all they need is a simple tool or job aid to help them do their jobs better.

Are you guilty of pushing the “latest and greatest” or do you promote what is really best for your client, even if it is an “old school” solution?

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