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Foolish Thoughts #17: Job Search Observations

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Although I am pushing my consulting business, I do a review of new jobs posted on Linkedin and other websites each day. Why? Sometimes part-time work is posted and other times, you come across a very interesting job and think it may be a really good fit.

Here are some observations from searching Linkedin, for training/learning positions, in Delaware, Maryland and DC, over the last two months.

  • There are a large number of training/learning jobs. In Delaware, most of the training jobs are located in the Newark, Wilmington and New Castle areas (the northern part of the state)

  • Some jobs for training are simply jobs in which they will provide training, such as in the retail or sales area.

  • Some job descriptions want the applicant to do everything, including making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Okay, I made up the PBJ sandwiches, but some want you to do everything under the sun.

  • You can easily tell, when the job description has been written by someone, who knows little about the job or has simply been told what to put in it.

  • Job postings for the same job may be different, depending upon where they are posted. For example, one job stated 75% travel on Linkedin, while on another website, it was listed as 35%. A big difference. I asked which was correct, and no reply.

  • Organizations no longer want you to submit just a resume and a cover letter. All organizations want you to complete an on-line form, as well as, submit a cover letter and resume. And, each organization’s on-line form is slightly different.

  • Don’t expect a response, or even a “Thank you for applying.” Given that you are applying, via an online form, a simple “Thank You” email can easily be built into the system.

  • If you are asked to provide additional information, and you spend a few hours to provide it, don’t expect a response. Some have called this trend “ghosting,” and see this an increasing trend. It happened to me recently.

Do you agree, disagree, or have other thoughts?

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