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Foolish Thoughts #16: EDC for the Trainer

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Recently, I skimmed through an online article dealing with EDC or Everyday Carry.   These are the items that you carry with you each and every day.   It may be your keys, a small flashlight (attached to your keys), a pocketknife, etc.   As an Eagle Scout and Boy Scout leader, the motto of BE PREPARED, is one that I take seriously, especially when overseas.

Whenever conducting training on the road, I would always carry a kit with me, as you never knew what you would need.  Here are a few of my items, all stored in a water resistant/proof bag:

- Permanent and Erasable Markers (black, blue, green, red)

- Highlighters (two different colors)Post-Its (a few different sizes and colors)

- Paper Clips (a few of different sizes)

- Rubber Door Stop. (Amazing how many doors will not stay open.) - Scissors (small; optional) - Binder Clips (2 of each size)

- Stapler (small with some additional staples)

- A Swiss Army knife (basic one with the screwdriver heads) or a basic Leatherman tool. - Tape (both "Scotch" and a few feet of Duck Tape). - Flashlight (optional, as you can now use your cell phone)

- Extension Cord (4 ft.)Outlet Converter (international travel only)

- Sewing Kit (as you may find in some upscale hotels)

In addition, I would also have a small first aid kit. Do you EDC when you travel train?  Do you EDC everyday?  Do you carry something different/additional?

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