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Foolish Thoughts #15D: The US Army Core Values and You - Selfless Service

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This is part of a series of postings reflecting on my experiences, based on the US Army’s Core Values.

A soldier will demonstrate SELFLESS SERVICE by putting the welfare of the nation, the Army and subordinates before your own.

Are you willing to assist others when they need it, so that they can succeed? Or do you simply focus on yourself, and let others sink or swim?

If you are a manager or team leader, have you done the work that your subordinates do or at least spend some time learning how they do it? If not, why not? If you don’t know how staff do what they do, how can you best put the welfare of your subordinates before your own. (Think of the reality show Undercover Boss.)

To put it more bluntly, as I heard at a recent ROTC Advanced Training graduation: Do you sweat like your soldiers?

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