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Foolish Thoughts #15B: The US Army Core Values and You - Duty

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This is part of a series of postings reflecting on my experiences, based on the US Army’s Core Values.

DUTY is explained as always fulfilling your obligations.

Do you do just what needs to be accomplished in your job, so that you can check the box on your quarterly/annual evaluation?

Do you, go above and beyond to assist your clients, whether they be internal or external, so that they are successful?

If you just check the box off, does it give you a sense of fulfillment? If not, then why are you in that job?

If you go that extra mile for your clients, does it give you that sense of fulfillment? How does it feel when a client says: “Showing me how to do this, saves me over two hours of work per week!”

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