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Foolish Thoughts #15A: The US Army Core Values and You - Loyalty

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This is part of a series reflecting on my experiences, based on the US Army’s Core Values.

LOYALTY describes bearing true faith and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, the Army, your unit and other soldiers.

Are you “loyal” to the mission and goals of your organization? If not, why are you there?

Are you loyal to your company simply because you get a paycheck every two weeks? If yes, then this may be the time to look at what you are doing and how does it affect your organization.

Not every job may be the most stimulating but it should not matter. Whether you are the CEO or someone who mops the floor, you need to do the best job you can, so that everyone in the organization can succeed. This lesson I learned from a former officer in the 82nd Airborne.

Finally, is your organization “loyal” to you? Do they pay you a decent wage, provide you with benefits, proper equipment, physical security on-site, etc.? Or do they get rid of staff because they hit a certain age or have a high salary?

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