• Joseph Barone

Foolish Thoughts #14: Be Prepared!

About ten years ago or so, I was required to attend a Boy Scout presentation on "re-chartering." (Rechartering is the process by which a Troop, Pack, etc., sign-up for another year as unit within BSA).

The presentation was to start at 7:05pm. I arrived a few minutes early and could see that we would be waiting for a while. The presenter had no clue on how to operate any of the equipment. All he could do was stand there and eat potato chips, while someone attempted to set up the equipment. It was not until 7:30pm that the presentation began.

There are many morals to this story, but the most basic one is: Know how to set-up and use the equipment. Yes, anything can happen at the last minute, but if the presenter had done his homework, he would not have wasted the time of a dozen volunteers.

As basic as this is, it is amazing how many people just show up, hoping everything will work.

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